Website! WHOOO HOOO!

March 23, 2010

Its official…after a hard week of designing, organizing…picture selecting…thoughts…sigh…the fun stuff, I have a website,  But, none of this could  have been possible…maybe after a year I could have figured out most of it…but I could not have done it with out the crazy, wicked talented photography/design master mind of Kreatid.  And please note the super cool watermark that will now be featured on my blog photos.  Yeah, Kreatid designed that.  Kind of rocks huh?  ;p  So a huge fan.   She can design yours too…Check out her blog as well…Kreatid
So now my lovely friends, fams, clients…you can have your own personal online gallery for each shoot done by Elizabeth Ann Photography.  Exciting, yes, yes I think it is.   Its the little things in life that just make me smile…so go on go take a look…would love to hear back from you.  ;p 
Because a blog post of mine…just can’t go without a photo…here’s a shot of a birthday suprise weekend getaway in Scottsdale that the hubby gave me…and I kind of think he looks like a rockstar.  Love him. 



  1. jen says:


    (psst…look at your guns in your picture…you look kind of b/a) 😉

    love you SO much and am SOOOO proud of you! 🙂

  2. elizabeth says:

    Ha…is the rockstar pic…kind of like it.

  3. Sam says:

    Ummm LOVE IT!!!! does that mean your leaving us here in Blogger world? Also does Kreatid want to create me a page hahaha love it all

  4. elizabeth says:

    No the blog will remain. It will be the place for my up and current work…would never think of leaving my blogger world. ;p

  5. candace m says:


    i have a mock up website up right now, but i am working on my “real” website–and i feel your pain, sweatin’ it all out is not fun!! but it looks great!! 🙂

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