Evan and Kristi….

April 22, 2010

What is it about this shoot that I love so much…hmm, it was the perfect weather, the sun was just right…oh and they are sisters…and I have a major fondess for mine…as well as my little brother.   They laugh together, spend time together and just support eachother.  I loved watching them.  I know it sounds weird.  I guess I get paid to observe those moments…and make you look good of course.  But I love that part…the quite part of me that gets to notice the little ways people love eachother, talk and just be… I love it.    Evan, can we just stop and notice the cool name.  What a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl.  She will be leaving for Korea to help teach English.  Amazing!  To just be able to go to another country, help other people and explore.  Sounds fascinating to me.  Kristi…what a beautiful lady.  During the photo shoot she mentioned that if she walked funny it was because she had just run a half marathon.  Seriously, these girls rock.  And she is leaving for Germany soon to join her husband who is in the military.  So yeah, I enjoyed hanging with these cool girls and was a beautiful and a fun memory for me.  Enjoy some of the moments of that morning…



  1. janet says:

    Lovely photos of lovely women…I’m sure they’re thrilled to have such beautiful photos to carry with them to the separate parts of the globe that they’re headed.

  2. jen says:

    love.love.love. especially the last one…beautiful work and beautiful ladies! 🙂

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