Nate, Tara, Jack and a beautiful black poodle named Echo

June 3, 2010

First impression with this family…Fun! I met them in the parking lot and they had this big beautiful dog Echo…Nate was holding Jackson, who at 1 has some cool style going on.  Tara and Ashley…they were laughing at something and def had the beautiful girl next door vibe going for them.  I knew instantly that it would be a fun and relaxed session.  What I loved about photographing them is that they totally made it theirs.  Nate had some really unique ideas that might have made Tara and I a bit nervous with Jackson…only a Dad would come up with a rockclimbing idea.  Seriously cool people.  Had it just been the two of them I would have had them try the cliff jumping idea…just kidding Nate…sort of.   But next time for sure we can try that.  😉  They also brought a long their really close friend Ashley who is a wedding planner (to all the brides out there I have her name and number should you need a great planner) to help out with Jackson.  I think I might have bossed her around a bit…(or maybe the correct term would be “artistic direction” ha…sounds better that way) but hey she was game and she also had some great ideas for the fam.  So by the end of the session I really just felt a connection with them.  They reminded me of my family…and again, as a photographer its such a blessing for me to be a part of these moments.  So thank you so much! 



  1. Jackson Arne says:

    You made it so much fun and let us be who were we’re especially Nate! lol! We had so much fun and have been telling everyone about you! Thank you again for everything!

  2. elizabeth says:

    You are so welcome! As I said…you guys were just so much fun…and thank you! I love working from referrals! 🙂

  3. janet says:

    You do an amazing job of making perfect strangers (to me) seem like people I should know…great job Betz! Love the baby & dog…neat contrast with light & dark.

  4. Amy says:

    It’s so obvious. Jackson will be a rock star. Or maybe a male model- did he show you Magnum?

  5. elizabeth says:

    Ha…he did have just that crazy cute baby model vibe going for him.

  6. Crystal says:

    Beautiful! You did it again… love the dad and son in the air… way cute!

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