Fields of flowers and some of my MOST important loves in my life.

August 26, 2010

The sun is shining, the fields are…blooming, ;p , the view of the mountains…takes my breath away.  Looking in particular, for a new location…really, when do I stop looking for new spots.  Happiness for me, is in the search. 

Then you throw in my two sweet, little, babies…seriously, they make me happy. 

Kenzie is four.  She has the sassiness (gets that from Jon of course), the sweetness, and the ability to make me laugh really hard.  I mean she has this quirky little sense of humor that is shocking to see.  Shocking because my baby girl is getting older and can actually make a few jokes.  That’s just weird. 

Hudson is two.  He is sensitive and tough all at the same time.  He likes to use weird voices (um, I might whip out a few impersonations every once in awhile…so it might have come from me ;).  He’s focused…he can get lost in an imaginary world of trucks, trains and superheros.  He simply squeezes my heart when he smiles at me. 

They simply are my babies…they will be when they are 30, 50, 60 etc.  Do I have moments where I’m pulling my hair out, glaring at them and wondering if they will ever get a long.  Yes and yes to that a lot.  But they make me really appreciate the moments where I do get to see these funny, quirky sides to them, like today.  

So here are a few new pics of a really sweet new location… 



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