September 20, 2010

Hmm, its late afternoon.  I have my fall pumpkin spice candle burning.  The rain is falling and my babies are sound asleep for their afternoon nap and  I’m thinking about my past weekend with them.  My mom was in town and we went to Third Street Apple Farm in Penrose, CO for the morning.

My thoughts circle around some pretty simple things.  Such as childhood and my memories of it.  Fall, was in particular, my favorite season.  Because of the colors number one.  They simply say hominess to me.  I loved going on hikes with my family, listening to the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.  And my Dad making HUGE piles of leaves for us to jump in and basically go crazy with.  What kid wouldn’t.  My Mom loves to decorate for the seasons (something I love to do as well now) but there would always be bouquets of leaves and berries with  warm cozy colors throughout the house.  Candles…and then the season of baking.  Apple pies, pumpkin pies, sugar cookies in the shape of leaves.  Simply put…happiness to me.

So this weekend, taking my babies to this apple farm made me think of how fast this time goes.   I love fall…its just about here…okay, so I always rush to the next season.  This weekend was a trip down memory lane for me…I’m hoping it creates some of the same for my sweet babies. 



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