beautiful light…

October 8, 2010

I like the challenge of shooting indoors.  Why…because, I don’t use flash.   Hunting around for that perfect window or door…or even a reflection off of a light colored wall I love it.  Not to say that I never use flash.  BUT I love natural light.  I really do.   I love it when the light hits the hair…just perfect…especially outside at sunset and my subject is backlit.  Just little details of lighting that I love.  

And lighting…if its done just right….oh the sparkle it can add to your eyes.  Again, details…I just really love natural light.  Thats not to say that you can’t achieve beautiful lighting with all the gear, umbrellas, light meters, flash points…no, they have their place.  But to be honest…I like that its me and my camera and my beautiful subject.  Yes, that makes me sound like some lone ranger…saying its me and my camera.  I’m a dork…but thats what I love about photography.

Will you catch me using flash…absolutely, like I said it has its place.  But if there is sunlight available you can bet I would rather adjust my camera to capture that sweet natural light. 

A few pics I took of Kenzie (she loves to be my model) and the only shot Hudson let me take of him.  I put them next to a really big window.  And the walls actually bounce a lot of beautiful light right back. 

Perfect.  Happy Friday peeps!  ;p



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