Colorado Springs Photographer – Aleshia and Matt

December 21, 2010

How to begin…Aleshia and Matt…CLOSE friends of mine and my hubby’s as well.  Part of a group that is so tight.   So close that we share our deep and scary parts of our lives.  The good and the tough times.   My kids love them…simply put they are a part of my family.  Love them.  Love who they are together and love how they interact with their kids.

 I wish I could explain their sense of humor…just sarcastic and they make me laugh a lot.  In fact, I might have been laughing quite a bit this session…just watching Matt.  Because he HATES getting his pictures taken.  So yes, I might have tortured him a bit.  In the end, worth it.  ;p 

Sweet little Kylie…you can see it in her eyes.  Such a sweet girl full of love…and I loved hanging out with her.  Brendan has a sarcastic way about him that I LOVE.  As I’m super sarcastic.    I was trying to be as cool as I possibly could…I think in the end all I ended up doing is looking like a dork.  Oh well.   

I also got to meet Aleshia’s parents for the first time.  Loved them!  Because I come from a pretty big family…and we are all really close its part of the reason that I love observing other families.  I love seeing the inside jokes, the random hugs and the closeness that is just evident as it is with this one.

So here are a few of my fav’s from this session!



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