December 8, 2010

I’m calling this post Love…for no other reason than I simply LOVE these people.  My parents.  Highschool sweet hearts.  Yes, my parents are the true example of soul mates.  What I love about them…they are involved in eachothers lives.  They love to do a lot of the same things and they enjoy eachothers company.
     My Dad, aka #1 fan (for all of us (4 kids!)), has always been on the sidelines in whatever adventure I’m up to, cheering me on.  He was always the loudest at soccer games (which I loved).  His enthusiasm for life is contagious.  In college, he would come up to Chicago to take me to lunch…to catch up and to again, say hey, Betz I love you and I’m proud of you.  In marriage,  he put my hubby to the test to make sure he was good for his little girl.  It might have involved a really tall tree and a chain saw.  Just sayin.   And now with my business…he gives me support and advise.  I love him.  I love who he is. And I love how he lives.  He is, with out a doubt, a really inspiring person to me. 
    My Mom, aka #1 fan (again, they are both huge supporters for all of us!), creative, loving, generous, affectionate (I might have to force her sometimes but she secretly loves that I still hang on her when I see her…yes, she does).  Also, my Mom is fierce when anyone messes with her babies…just sayin.  You really don’t want to mess with her.  In highschool, the late nights we would spend analizing life, boys, where to go in college…loved those memories.   Home cooked meals, hugs and a “hey snap out of it” were just the thing I needed and still do.  And love that she gives them all.  She is creative…loves to try new things and when she LOVES something…she pursues it with passion.  And I love that about her. 
    Whats really amazing…my parents offer this support, this love to each of us.  They are, our families foundation.  Their love for eachother and for us…well, its simply what has made each of us who we are.  And Love, yes, love is how I describe them.  Love you guys!
   Now this session, was my first time photographing them…and it was such a BEAUTIFUL place.  I was in love with the mountains, the trees, the lighting, the water…basically a photographers heaven.  But my favorite thing…was that this session, was fun.  I mean, I was laughing the whole time…my parents were too.  And yes, I’m sure it was funny to see me at work.  But in every picture…you can see, that love I was talking about.  So everytime I look at these pictures I think about my childhood…I think about my future.  And I can’t imagine a world without them.  I simply love them.    Here are a few pics of two of my most favorite people in the world.

My parents, caught, birding.  A favorite hobby of theirs. 

My parents dog, Beso, “nobody loves you Beso” (thats what my Dad says…only we all do. ;p ) 



  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful writing Bets, really shares your heart and so do the pictures…just lovely!


  2. jen says:

    LOVE this post! and LOVE the last two pic’s especially! beautiful! 🙂

  3. janet says:

    Awww shucks…I guess I’ll let you hang on me some more…:)
    Love that our photo shoot turned out so fun for all of us…just a really nice afternoon…and you made us look good Betz…not an easy task! You & Jen both have some magic going on when you shoot! Being photographed is a very personal thing…I love that you & Jen both love what you do & make us feel so at ease in what would usually be a very awkward situation for us…thank you for turning it into a fun time!

  4. I love both their individual shots and the ones where they are together too…great job Bets!!

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