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January 6, 2011

Sweet little tiny babies.  I love photographing them.  Yes, I do.  Its so sweet a precious…and hard.  Yes, its a challenge that I love.  And this family, you might remember a few of their special Christmas moments that I captured a few weeks back. 

Tim, a Green Beret, left a few days ago for another 6 month leave (a total of 9 months).  Such a sweet and strong Dad.  Such a strong family.  Because Jennipher is the same.  I think it takes both…a team to serve the country in such a way.  I’m proud of them and I’m honored to have been a part of some of their moments.  The part of me that wonders how can you do it…and I see it.  They do it because they were meant for this.  And when they are together…its happiness, laughter, joy, love…and family.  It means the world.  You don’t take for granted what maybe we would with our everyday family life.  

Tyler and Bella…well, I think Tyler LOVES being a big brother.  He was so careful with Ethan.  So willing to give out kisses.  Loved him and his big brown eyes.  Such a sweet boy.  Bella, beautiful and a bit on the fence.  Yes, she loves Ethan but I could see the thought process…but wait, I’m the baby girl.   Loved her…love her curiosity about Ethan. 

Enjoy some of our pics from this sweet and beautiful family.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your family for some special moments…that I will cherish. 



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