January 31, 2011

So fun to hang out with this family again!  You might remember them, or Bristol in her sweet tutu from a previous session. 
      Did I mention that I love being around newborns.  Watching them sleep…you can notice the details.  Their little tiny hands.  Or their chubby cheeks…that soft hair that makes you want to snuggle in closer.  And that particular unique new smell that they have.  I really just enjoy being around them.  And Eldon, was so sweet.  Loved holding him and rocking him.   His parents could not have been more laid back.  I might have tried a few poses that didn’t work out so well for the Dad (lets just say, diapers are a necessity for some shots)…BUT he rolled with it…just like any seasoned parent would. ;p  So enjoyed them.  And their ability to let me rearrange their house without blinking. 
     Sweet Bristol!  So much energy.  She was my buddy.  And L.O.V.E.D. my little wood floor that I brought with me.  Yes, in fact, she did not want to get off it.   She enjoyed rolling around on it…wheeling around a tonka truck on it…laying down on it with her little lovey.  Loved her.  And the expression in her sweet brown eyes.  Just a beautiful girl. 




  1. Thank you so much! You did an amazing job! and the shots of the ever busy Bristol came out so well! Thank you!

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