sweet love

January 15, 2011

                           “To be CREATIVE in life means to be in love with life.

You can be CREATIVE
                       only if you LOVE life enough
 that you want to enhance its BEAUTY,

                           you want to bring
                                                            a little more music to it
        a little more poetry to it,
                                       a little more dance to it.”

                                                                        – Osho

     That quote, I read it on another photographer’s blog…and I liked it.  For a couple of reasons…its inspiring for me.  It makes me see the sweetness and the happiness in life…or at least I look for it.  And most days I find it.  Taking pictures of my babies…it adds a double sweetness for me.  I enjoy watching them.  There creativity is inspiring for me.  The little details that interest them or make them laugh till tears stream down their face…well, that’s just pure and innocent.  Sometimes I forget to hold on to that…to remember that this time goes so quickly.




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