Colorado Springs Photographer – Scott and Jenny

February 25, 2011

Jenny and I had been emailing each other back and forth for about a month.  She was looking to do a photo shoot with train tracks.  And I personally LOVE train tracks.  Why?  Because to me they are just a bit risky.  Even though this train track is hardly ever used, you always wonder when, if, a train will go flying by.  What can I say…I’m a girl who loves living on the edge.  ;p  But I also love them for all the beautiful leading lines it offers. 

Well, I felt we got really lucky in that a train did come.  Wish I brought my tripod.  BUT they held really still…of course gazing into each other’s eyes and being in love is really not a hardship.  So, loved the movement of the train behind them…as if time stops for them and moves for the rest.  The romantic in me you could say.  Scott and Jenny have been married for 5 years, love to travel, love to laugh and def. enjoy each others company.  

This shoot was fun for me.  Because I got to goof around…show my dorky side.  What, I know…its pretty much always showing.  Scott and Jenny laughed right along and came up with some really cool and unique ideas for shots.  Its sessions like these… that show me…I enjoy being a photographer, I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy the challenge of seeing the world through a camera.  FUN!  Thank you so much for such a fun time Scott and Jenny!  Enjoy some of our pics! 



  1. Kris says:

    Wow, talk about an awesome photo shoot! Love the light post shot and totally agree with you about the shot with the train moving and them frozen, I always think how it’s like time stops while you’re in love, and there it is captured in a picture. Great job!!

  2. creatingme says:

    oh ya! Those are the best shots, and how lucky with that train! They were amazingly still, and so must you have been! Wow, I am really impressed.

    I will keep you bookmarked, since I am from Denver, and maybe one day I can drive down for a session!

    Really love your work!

  3. elizabeth says:

    I would so love that! Thanks for the love on my photography. 🙂

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