Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – The V family!

March 3, 2011

Sweet, new, soft, happiness…those are some of the feelings I have around little tiny newborns.  I really LOVE them.  I just love looking at them.  All the little details.  Their tiny hands and feet.  Their sweet soft hair…its really such a joy to be able to photograph them.  Don’t get me wrong though…its tough work.  What?  you say?  Its true…but for me its worth the patience, the hot rooms and the billions of props that I bring and barely use. 

I love observing the parents, the siblings (if their are any) its such a unique time of life and it goes so quickly.  But its the beginning.  The moments in life that you will look back on later that mark the beginning of a sweet family.  And I so love being a part of that…even if its just to capture a few of those moments.   So inspiring, and so precious to me.  

This family, so laid back and so loving.  Both of the boys are ADORABLE.  Travis and Trevor.  While one loved to be awake the WHOLE time…you could sense his curiosity.  So beautiful to watch him.  And the other…loved to sit on my baskets, suitcases…play peek-a-boo with the blanket, give me hugs…oh how I love that sweet little boy.  

Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon!  🙂



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