Sweet Kenzie…

March 17, 2011

So, today, is St. Patricks Day.  A BIG day for our family.  Because this is the day I met my baby girl Kenzie.  Fell in love with her on sight…of course I loved her when she was just a peanut in my belly…but oh, the love that was so intense when I first wrapped my arms around her.  That sweet smell and her sweet little hands curled around my finger.  Love…this is the first time I knew what it meant to love so completely and so fiercely.  Don’t get me wrong…love my man…but this sweet little girl…a different love. 

We watched her grow…laugh, learn to love and be a giver.  I saw her be sad and laugh till tears streamed down her face.  She is simply one of the sweetest little girls you could ever meet.  Always trying to make everyone feel so loved.  My heart…it  squeezes a lot at the thought of her being so big now.  I look at her and I can’t believe how fast 5 years has gone by. 

I love watching her play with Hudson…she is so sweet to him (okay, most of the time) but buddy’s for sure.  Grabbing his ears (don’t ask me where this habit came about) but she loves to touch them.  Or running and wrestling in whatever creative game they come up with.  I am simply so proud of her and who she is at just five!  Happy birthday sweet little Kenzie…



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