Colorado Springs Family Photographer – The “D” Family

June 16, 2011

So, first thing…I am in love with this location.  Time has lovingly been spent here…making a beautiful retreat for anyone.  Waterfalls, flowers, stones that you can walk across on this little pond.  And of course fish were in it.  Then you throw in the beautiful blue pots…its simply stunning.  And this was built by the homeowner and his wife…friends of my clients.  Basically, its a gardener’s haven.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 
Becky and Doug, simply a beautiful couple who laugh and love on their family.  And I have to admit, Doug looks a lot like the Transporter guy…just sayin.   They are both so laid back and extremely comfortable with having me take their pics.   Loved the way Doug would look at Becky…and then the reverse.  Beautiful for me to observe.   
Becky’s parents also were a part of this session.  And they were so easy and quick to tease all their grand kids.  It was SO easy for me to be around all of them.  I felt the strong connection each of them had.  Loved this family, the location, the lighting…so sweet.  
Enjoy some of our pics from that evening….





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