Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer – Anja – 8 Days New

June 22, 2011

Anja, beautiful, delicate, feminine and sweet.  Yes, a newborn but all these words describe her to me.  Loved watching this sweet family love on her and on each other.  I’ve been working with this family for about a year.  Katrina and Erik, both kind and funny.  This last session it seemed they were on a mission to get to the “real” smiles and there attempts were making everyone laugh.  So enjoyed watching them with their babies.  Lena and Anja.  And Lena, LOVED walking around the room with whatever headbands I had laying around.  My favorite moment was when she held Anja for the first time.  Everyone was ready for her to be “done” holding her.  But she looked into Anja’s face and kissed on her and I saw how fiercely she would love her little sister.  So sweet to watch. 
Working with sweet little newborns, its so rewarding.   Its a lot of work setting up and working with the newborn.  Then making sure they are comfortable…and its hot.  Yes, with space heaters, heating pads, heat bumped up…usually, when we are all uncomfortable the sweet little newborn is happy and sleeping away.  That’s when time slips away and I get lost in watching and capturing sweet new beginnings.  I simply  love what I do.  And getting to hold sweet Anja was no exception.  What a beautiful little girl.  Thank you so much in having me capture these new moments for you! 




  1. jen says:

    you are ridiculously good at capturing the sweetness of little people. 🙂

  2. elizabeth says:

    Thank you Jen! I simply LOVE little newborns! 🙂

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