Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer – Brittany and Sue

July 20, 2011

Beautiful, happy and charming.   This is how I would describe these two.  I had so much fun talking and hanging out with them.  Love that they are so close…mother and daughter.  Such a special relationship and watching them made me miss my own Mom. 
They wanted to surprise the men in their life…with some new updated, non-glamor shot (Brit’s words…and they so made me laugh) type photos.  You know…back in the 90’s with the super crazy big hair…mega makeup and cheesy backdrops.  And yes, I just might have sported my own glamor shots back in the day.  
So I took them to a bridge just outside of Garden of the Gods.  Beautiful and natural and Brit and Sue were completely comfortable with me.   And can I just say…both of you are STUNNING.  Seriously, beautiful and warm towards me.  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your photos!   




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