Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer – Secret Garden – Mike & Laura

July 30, 2011

July 16, 2011 can be wrapped up as an amazing event.  I still think about the drive over there that early afternoon.  Jen and I (she is the photographer and owner of kreatid) were blasting the song Every Teardrop is a Waterfall .  Singing as loud as we could…and I just felt happiness and joy at being able to capture Mike and Laura’s sweet and special day.  I felt blessed, oh so blessed to be able to capture that with my sister.  So Jen, this is me saying thank you for making that day for me a day to treasure.  You are simply an amazing friend and partner. 
Mike and Laura, laughter, joy, romance, happiness, affection…thoughts that race through my mind as I think of ways to describe you.  Laura, you are stunning.  Loved in particular the way you enjoyed your day.  Yes, the way Mike would make you laugh.  Your laughter was so infectious.  And Mike, you are handsome.  Yes, you are.  Loved the way you would look at Laura…your affection for her was so apparent to me and to everyone around you.  Both of you went out of your way to make my sister and me feel like such a part of your friends and family.  And your friends and family…wow, LOVED them.  Dancing, laughing, asking us if we needed anything….and all the attention to detail for your day…you are both surrounded by an amazing group of people that love you. 
My favorite moment of the two of you…that first moment.  Loved that you chose to meet each other before.  I got to be with Mike just minutes before Laura arrived…just observing Mike.  It made me tear up…because of that excitement, that raw emotion shown on his face.  Laura…this man LOVES you.  Cherishes you…so beautiful for me to see.  And when Mike turned around and saw you…your expression…happiness because you knew it.  And happiness, because you felt the same.   You guys are absolutely beautiful and I feel so privileged to have met you. 
The Secret Garden: 
So here are just a few of the moments that kreatid and I captured that day.



  1. super well done! great capture!!

  2. elizabeth says:

    Thank you Tami! Such a beautiful wedding! 🙂

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