Denver Newborn Photographer – Lily – 12 Days new

August 12, 2011

Oh my goodness…this sweet little girl is absolutely beautiful.   And she would TOTALLY smile at me all the time.  Yes, I was shocked.  The first picture I took of her is with her smiling at me.  What a cutie.  And her parents, first time, parents even…were so laid back and oh so proud of their baby girl.  So fun for me to observe.   
This session we took our time and just enjoyed being around the sweetness of a newborn.  Did I mention that at one point I was rocking her back to sleep and I tried to hand her off to her mom…Lily would wake up instantly because she new it was her mom.  So then I got to rock her back to sleep again…seriously, not tough for me at all to hold a sweet little newborn.  Absolutely precious and sweet for me to capture them.  Enjoy a few of our pics from that morning! 



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