Colorado Springs Family Photographer – Josh, Leslie and Hannah

September 30, 2011

Oh my goodness…its fall!  Yes, I love the colors, the change in temps…the ability to enjoy my fall wardrobe…oh, and the fact that it looks amazing to photograph.  Yes, this sweet family rocked their fall session.  The leaves were just hinting at changing but it was enough to have a beautiful backdrop of golden yellow and orange. 
Hannah, wow, she is beautiful.  Her skin is so smooth and her big blue eyes…look out Josh.  Give her a few years and the boys will start coming around.   And at just about 5 months she’s all ready sporting an adorable jacket and dress, just made me want to pick her up and squeeze her.  I so enjoy the fact that I got to hold her at just a week old and now watch her grow.  Beautiful in each phase and to see her smile and laugh at her parents…precious and sweet.  Josh and Leslie, completely smitten and in love with their sweet baby girl…enjoyed watching the two of them laugh and play with Hannah! 
Here are a few of our pics from that sweet morning…



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