Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer – Mindy, Jay and their crazy cute dog Mia

November 1, 2011

Helen Hunt Falls…B.E.A.U.T.F.U.L. I always forget about it.  But its simply a beautiful place with gorgeous views of Colorado.  Fall was on full display and it made for the perfect backdrop for this sweet engagement session with Mindy and Jay.  I SO enjoyed working with this sweet couple and CAN NOT WAIT to capture their sweet wedding next summer.  I absolutely loved the way Jay was around Mindy.  Protective and crazy in love. Or the way Mindy was with Jay.  She is simply sunshine and makes everyone around her smile.  And I have to admit, Mindy…you are CRAZY gorgeous.   
So here are just a few pics of a beautiful fall engagement session…



  1. Jennipher Haines says:

    Beautiful. I love the location too!

  2. um – I love these!!! Such beautiful pictures! Love that black and white one. You are awesome lady! Love your blog.

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