Manitou Springs Wedding Photographer – [Kerri and John]

November 21, 2011

Kerri and John…love them.  The laughter that came so easily.  Their love, so apparent and beautiful for me to watch.  I’ve known Kerri for 10 years…she is the one that makes my hair look SO fabulous.  ;p  A stylist at Middleton Salon.  She is one of the warmest, sweetest and most genuine woman I have met.  Love her.  And John, seriously, you are so the perfect match for her.  Loved how you were captivated with Kerri.  How attentive and loving…its the little details that say so much.   And your family and friends…it was so apparent to me through all the teasing, the laughing and hugs shared that you two are seriously loved by many. 
This wedding took place in Manitou Springs.  A beautiful and eclectic town set against the mountains.   The reception, Venue 515, decked out in gorgeous lighting and splashes of red.   But what took my breath away was this gorgeous First Congregational Church they got married in.  Local art on the walls,  high vaulted ceilings with wooden beams, classic pews and gorgeous stained glass windows.  Beautiful and the perfect setting for this sweet couple. 
My sister Jen, owner of kreatid, was able to fly in and shoot this sweet wedding with me.   I can’t tell you enough how amazing she is…the talent that she brings to each wedding we do….simply blows me away.  Creatively, its a joy to work with her.  There is a certain energy that happens when we shoot together.  Having another photographer be able to capture different angles for a wedding is simply priceless to me and to the bride and groom.  
Enjoy a few pics from this beautiful and sweet day! 



  1. jen says:

    such a BEAUTIFUL fun wedding to have gotten to shoot with you! 🙂

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