Colorado Springs Children’s Portrait Photographer – Hayley and Piper

January 17, 2012

Shooting indoors when its cold outside…makes me smile.  Yes, I enjoy it.  It only took my hubby putting in beautiful wood floors.    All though he had no idea I would benefit from them for my business.    Last week, I was able to capture Hayley and Piper in my home…and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Hayley and Piper are my adopted nieces.  Yes, their mom is one of my absolute closest friends.  And because of that, but not the only reason…her sweet babies are my family.  I love watching Hayley talk about princesses or playing with my kids…or asking Hudson to marry him.  Um, yes, I’m proud to say that this time Hayley asked Hudson.  Oh the stories we will have should it ever come true.  ;p  No pressure.  Ha. 
And then sweet Piper and her big blue eyes…I may have had to work a bit harder with her.  But I am SO happy to say that the sweet smiles I captured…truly melted my heart because of it.  I think that’s why I love children’s photography…you don’t just show up and kids start smiling for you…nope…rarely is it that easy for me.  You completely have to be a fool…and I have no shame.  I think I need to have a video camera on me at some point …so I can later laugh at myself. ;p  What I loved about Piper…is her complete adoration for Kris.  Yes, she was proud to show her mom her tricks and Kris could make her laugh and smile…LOVE.   Its so obvious in Piper’s expressions with her. 



  1. Wonderful photography, and it sure doesn’t hurt that the models are THE MOST ADORABLE ever.

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