Manitou Springs, Colorado Photographer | Brody and his sweet family

March 19, 2012

This location ended up being a bit unexpected.  It was a COLD and windy…and the attempt was going to be for the penny arcade.  However, Brody had other plans…and I’m SUPER thankful he did.  We ended up inside a beautiful building that has amazing light…I’m hesitant to share because I’m thinking its an untapped gorgeous place.  And like any gorgeous place in Colorado it can become highly populated fast.  What…I’m just sayin… ;p  
Back to Brody, SO handsome at 5 months…the biggest bluest eyes.  Ah, he makes my heart melt.  Love him and his ability to make his whole family light up and laugh with him.  Loved watching his Grandma and Grandpa snuggle with him, spoil him and steal kisses when they could.  Or his tough Dad…yes, Tim you are tough, tickle Brody till he laughed.  Its serious happiness for me to see such a family be so open in their life with me.  Whether its sarcastic jokes or serious moments…this is a beautiful family to me.  Enjoy a few pics from that morning!  



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