Gina & Scott | Chicago Engagement Photographer

May 9, 2012

I remember looking through the small little window on the airplane…just about to land in Chicago, I remember thinking this is so surreal.  Crazy to be coming back to a place that I called home for most of my life.  What a ridiculously cool opportunity.  Gina and I were college roommates and kept in touch mostly through facebook over the last several years…but seeing her, talking with her on the phone…its so effortless.  One of a kind, extremely easy to laugh with and just chill…okay, so we may have walked all throughout Chicago in two days…but it was fun and fabulous.  Scott, I can so see the connection, the humor and the easy going attitude, the Chicago accent…what, I may have had one at one point but I really heard it with Scott.  Makes me smile thinking of it.   We ate pizza, might have had a beer, went to second city, hung out  by the lake, stood on top of a bridge…okay that was me, but I was liking the angle.  Ah…but my favorite was being on Michigan Avenue at oh, 10:30 at night…setting up a tripod in the middle of the street. It was a random and “safe” island.  Watching Gina and Scott, laughing at myself and just wanting that moment to last…it was just a cool moment.  ;p   To say I enjoyed myself, to say that this trip was a highlight to my year…well, it just wouldn’t do it justice.  I can not wait to photograph their sweet wedding in September.  Enjoy just a few pics from that weekend! 



  1. What a super way to capture their lifestyle at the beginning of their life together! Love the concept and the amazing shots. That first one in colour with the traffic!!!!!

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