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June 28, 2012

Vintage, glamorous, beautiful, tear inspiring day for me.  This was the day I watched one of my closest friends marry her best friend.  Seeing their happiness, being part of it…precious and so special for me.  I met Sarah over 6 years ago and we bonded over her super stylish outlook on life…okay, it was more than that but seriously this girl has some style.  I know without a doubt that she is that person that I could come crying to, be upset or super crazy caffeine induced happy and she would love me for it.  So watching her fall in love with Kevin, a laid back man with the ability to make my buddy laugh like no other…made me feel that a piece of her had finally been found.  So happy for you guys! 
This wedding was also unique for me as well…because I was in it.  Yes, I was a bridesmaid to this lovely bride…and a photographer.  So how could I be in two places at once…I couldn’t and there was only one other person I would absolutely LOVE and trust to take these precious photos for my friend and that was my sister, a.k.a. kreatid.  Talented…oh so talented.  She will be posting so many different and unique parts of the day…and I simply can not wait to see them.  But I wanted to show a few of Sarah and Kevin’s photos that I was able to capture…



  1. Puerility Vol. 1 - The Blog says:

    SO STUNNING! The couple is gorgeous! And the moments you captured were incredible!

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