Nate + Marjorie | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

July 26, 2012

A day that was filled with sunshine, laughter and thunderstorms.   But you know what they say about rain on a wedding day…and I can see it will ring true for this couple.  Nate and Marjorie opted to meet before hand so they could really enjoy their wedding day.  And it was a good thing we did…the sunlight was stunning and was amazing to work with.  We went to a beautiful meadow just down below the lodge…the sun sparkled on drops of rain from the previous night.  Wild flowers could be seen scattered through out the aspen forest and in the field.   But what always takes my breath away is that first moment that the bride and groom see each other.   Marjorie’s happiness, Nate’s anticipation…and then when Nate saw Marjorie for the first time…I swear heaven smiled in that moment.  Love so purely expressed in their faces.  So beautiful for me to see…to capture.   And that sweet expression…they carried it through out the rest of the day.  Laughing with their guests through out the toasts ( I have to add were quite possibly the funniest I have heard ever), the amazing BBQ and cake that was served.  Nate and Marjorie were wonderful hosts and this was truly a day to be celebrated by their friends and family.  I simply wish you both the best!



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