Travis + Jordan | Denver Wedding Photographer

July 17, 2012

Easy laughter…yes, there are a few people in life that just have an easy time of laughing and enjoying the moment.  Of course when its your wedding how could you not?  But with Travis and Jordan their happiness could be seen through out the whole day.  Laughing with their friends, hugging their loved ones or dancing with their sweet nieces and nephews…and there were quite a few of them, Travis and Jordan were simply happy.
  Being surrounded by so many people that love them it was apparent by Jen, photographer of kreatid and I that these two, their wedding, their celebration was not just a day to be a remembered but a relationship that would be enjoyed the rest of their life.  Two souls meant to be you could say…and yes, its kind of sappy to say…but hey, I’m a wedding photographer…I see many weddings how could I not be touched by it.  ;p
I could not be more pleased to have the pleasure of working with my super talented sister at kreatid  on this wedding.  You keep me supplied in chocolate, aspirin, diet coke and constant laughter through out the day…not only that you rock in your creativity.  Couldn’t ask for a better partner!



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