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August 15, 2012

Love…yes, I love what I do.  There simply is something about capturing happiness…
This session took place at sunset in a beautiful field on my clients property.  Cowboys, hay bales, horses and big belt buckles….couldn’t have asked for a better family and setting.  One of my favorite things about being a photographer is capturing children.  Especially the shy ones…the smiles that come eventually from that shyness…absolutely priceless.  With Chase and Breanna…for sure had to earn them.  I don’t mind the process, I really don’t…I get shyness.  I am actually a very shy person.  I know crazy to be a photographer and be shy.  But once they were comfortable…and honestly it might have been jazz their horse that brought out a sense of ease in them.  Watching Chad laugh with them…well, this session was just a good one for me.  For my sense of remembering why I love what I do.  Its easy to get lost in the mad season of photography and forget the passion.  So enjoy a few pics from that night…



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