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September 4, 2012

I am trying to figure out how to start describing this gorgeous wedding…and I admit I’m at a loss on where to begin.  It was a wedding filled with beautiful white details…vintage keys and gorgeous displays of white hydrangea and roses, in a setting that took place at the foothills of the mountains in Palmer Divide.   Mindy and Jay were surrounded by their sweet family and friends.  And their happiness was absolutely contagious.   Loved just watching this family interact with everyone…hugging, inviting people in…a wedding to be remembered for sure.
My sister Jen and I have gotten into a routine.  A rhythm if you will…to be able to do this together…pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  Ridiculously awesome.  ;p  There were a few moments during this wedding where we would just look at each other and smile…yup, we get to do this.  Jen is the owner of kreatid, a photography business in Arizona and we frequently work with each other on weddings.
And this wedding, was such a fun one for us to be part of.  Let me just say…Coldstone Creamery.  Yup, enough said right there.  ;p  Mindy and Jay decided to forgo cake and went with an ice cream/ candy table.  My heart skipped a beat when Mindy told me she was having Coldstone for the main dessert.
The details, the happiness, the gorgeous setting, beautiful weather and a sweet bride and groom so obviously in love made for one of my favorite weddings this year.   Love you Jay and Mindy…simply wishing you the best in your new life together.



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