A sweet fall Session | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

October 25, 2012

This is my 2nd year getting to photograph this sweet family.  And I just love them.   There choice in clothing always makes me want to jump up and say yes…why, because they are all so unique but color coordinated.  Its a photographers dream…okay, maybe thats too far.  But seriously, pulling in 3 to 5 colors through out a family session will help create dimension in your photo.  And also give it a timeless feel instead of a say, early 90’s look.  What I also love about this family is that they are so easy to get real reactions out of.  Especially Ezra…their son.  Loved watching his face as he threw the leaves up in the air.  Joyella, a bit shy but so sweet…loved being held by Mom or Dad.  Such a beautiful fall family session!  Enjoy a few pics from that afternoon! 



  1. Amy says:

    I love the looking back shot- adorable! On vacation, I always seem to be trailing behind every one else (with the camera, of course) and some of my favorite pics are from this vantage point, of friends and family strolling through a beautiful place together and enjoying life. You captured this perfectly!

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