Standing still….

December 7, 2012

I was walking on a worn path the other day.  It was unusually warm for December but  the wind had made me pause to wrap my coat tighter around myself.  I just stopped…stood there and admired my surroundings.  It was a failed attempt on my part to find another location for my clients.  I stood there thinking, how often have I had a chance to just stand still.  To just enjoy a moment to myself with out trying to do something for my business, my clients, my babies, my friends, my hubby, my family…and by no means in that order.  ;p  I’ve been running, racing you could say to the finish line.  And that is no ones fault but mine.  I’ve forgotten how to just stand still.  To not rush on to the next biggest thing.  To pause and enjoy what God has given me.  To look up and say thank you.   I guess, you could say I need it.  A moment to hit the pause button and just be me.  Without my camera.  And I admit its part of how I identify myself now.  December…2 weeks.  Its what I have given myself to just be that.  A mommy and a wife.  I’m looking forward to date nights, to pj’s and cookies, ice skating in Denver, wine and appetizer nights with my friends…and moments to stand still and just be.  It sounds heavenly.
I’m hoping that in pausing, taking that time to really open myself up to being in the moment…that I continue to learn to be a better business woman for my clients.  But in that moment where I stood there in the forest…oh yes, it was a forest…I felt loved.  I am passionate about being a photographer…continuing to grow and become better than I was last year.  I felt loved though because of my clients…my friends and family.  Because of how much support that has been given to me to pursue this dream of mine.  For me to race to the next biggest thing and to feel your excitement as you run along with me.  I have a board in my office room of hand written notes of my clients, my hubby and friends…who have paused a long the way to say sweet words of encouragement to me.  It was in the moment where I paused and said…”really?” Yup, profound.  But I was thinking…really?  I get to do this?  I feel amazingly blessed.  loved. and appreciated…so in those moments that I’m looking forward to in a few weeks of standing still…I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.  Each session, each moment you shared with me this year brought me to a place where I could look up and say really with a smile on my face.  I’m so looking forward to wrapping up 2012 and seeing where 2013 brings Elizabeth Ann Photography.  Thank you for continuing to walk with me in this crazy dream of mine.




  1. jen says:

    this and you are beautiful. SO happy for your pause. 🙂

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