Sarah | Colorado Maternity Photographer

February 7, 2013

A friend for life.  Sarah, is many things to many people…a few that describe her are at first look, stunning, gorgeous and unique.  Yes, on a first glance she really does take your breath away.  But really, what she is to me, is a friend for life.   She is a person who I can count on to walk through some of the more difficult parts of life.  She is a friend who is fiercely loyal, loves to laugh, cry, watch TV shows that might involve teenage vampires with me, shopping, brings clothes for my baby girl because it was jeans day at school and she didn’t have a good pair to wear (and she understood that you just sometimes need to do those silly things for your kids) (I had a broken foot at the time and couldn’t drive) There are so many details…so many sweet memories that I have shared with this woman…that help shape me.  Make me a stronger individual…and yes, I’m loving on this woman big time today but the pictures…they portray a gorgeous woman and I wanted to portray the gorgeous heart that also goes with her. Love you Sarah!  🙂



  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Betsy, you know how to make me tear up that’s for sure! So thankful for you and our friendship. Friends for life is absolute. I’m a lucky girl to have such a loyal friend on my side! In two years you will have captured my enagament, wedding, maternity and then soon my newborn pics. Thanks for taking this journey with me. Love you!

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