Project 52 – week 13 – Spring – Colorado Fine Art Photographer

March 29, 2013

I’m sitting here listening to I lived by One Republic and their new album Native…and I’m happy.  Yup, this album is pretty inspirational …but then I’ve felt that way about almost all of One Republics music.  Okay, I’ve seriously got a crazy music crush going on for this band…and I’ll stop while I’m at it.   But  I might have an instagram photo with him (Ryan) in the background…oh yes, I could have met him but I would just stand there awkwardly…I might cry or scream or do something mortifying…so its stalker photos that will have to do for now.  Where in the world am I going with this…I promise it has to do with the song I lived.

“Hope when you take that jump…you don’t feel the fall,  hope when the water rises you built a wall….hope if everybody runs you choose to stay”  Hope when the morning comes you say…I did it all.  I owned every second that this world could give…with every broken bone I swear I lived…”  The words…seriously, the whole song is amazing.  Go get it.

Intense.  To be passionate. To dream. To hope…its what we were meant to do.  Its what I love about spring…that precious life that is trying to find its way back to bloom.  The light stays out longer and there is this sense of crisp new beginnings that it makes you want to run not walk after your dreams.  At least that is the way I feel.  This weeks word was Spring in my personal project 52…a photo every week just for me.  No rules for me other than a photo every week.  And it just so happens that Twigs and Posies…one of my favorite florists in town gifted me with a beautiful floral display.   What says spring better than flowers…

So I guess, my hope is that you find that something that makes you happy and run after it…make it happen.  It just might open a few other doors that you thought were not possible.  Spring is about those new beginnings…don’t wait anymore for the perfect timing…honestly, when is it ever perfect timing.





  1. amber says:

    These are beautiful! I love the blue background with the coral! <3

  2. Amy Fisher says:

    Just gorgeous shots.

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