Matt and Stephanie | Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs Wedding Photograhper

May 28, 2013

Oh my goodness…sometimes there is just a natural connection with people. And with this couple…I laughed a lot…my sarcasm was met with the same amount if not more.  LOVE that.  Matt and Stephanie met in high school…how cool is that?  Matt was telling me about waiting for what seemed hours for Stephanie to find the right shoes…and I just looked at him and thought…oh thats normal.  Girls and their shoes…I happen to have a slight obsession with shoes.  But what was so amazing to me was that he waited for her.     Love is in the little details.   My favorite photo is of the two of them laughing…it was natural for Matt to make Stephanie laugh…and I think it expresses so much happiness.  SO looking forward to photographing your wedding next year!  Congrats again.



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