Chad, Jill, Rachel, Lindsey and Abby | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

August 25, 2013

This family… ALWAYS guaranteed to make me laugh.   They are a super creative go with the flow kind of family.  One of the poses…Chad’s idea…I’m just throwing that out there.  It was the last shot of the session, he grabs Jill who is clearly saying no way, puts her on his shoulders, grabs Rachel in one arm, Lindsey in the other and he tells me to hand him Abby who proceeds to sit on Chads head…OH my gosh.  I’m laughing and then freaking out that he is going to drop every single one of his girls.   But in the end…Chad’s right.  Its a great photo that represents this family as total goof balls but at the heart of it…a strong family who obviously loves each other.  I LOVE that this session really pulled out each of their personality’s.   (please note that Rachels favorite thing was photo bombing…and you can so see her happy little face as I’m trying to get Lindsey’s photos.  LOVE her)

One of the images is for their little girl Esther Emily that they are hoping and praying to adopt from China.  And I’m hoping and praying right a long with them.

Beautiful and sweet and a family that I can now call on as my friends.  Love them…here are a few of the photos from that morning!



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