Killian and Martina | 6 years of beautiful marriage | Colorado Springs Photographer

August 7, 2013

Lovely, oh so unique and a love thats beautiful to watch.   Loved hanging with this couple.  I’ve been photographing their family for a few years now…and when Martina suggested a vintage military anniversary session…um, heck yes.  I contacted my favorite hair and makeup team Francesca and Keri and we were able to create a beautiful vintage look for Martina.  Victory rolls, red lips…ahh, perfection.  Throw in gorgeous Martina and her amazing dress Killian in his blues (lingo that I feel I need to act like I can say now)…beautiful.  I admit to being SLIGHTLY intimidated by military.  I don’t know the rules, getting on base was tricky so I had to drive in their car…I felt like the cool kid for a moment.  😉  What I loved about Killian is its his life, he is proud of what he has accomplished but he is so humble about it.  Men were saluting him and their was just a natural way that he carried himself…LOVED that.  But what I loved the most is the way Martina would make him laugh.  Martina is oh so gorgeous but has such a cute quirky side.  Loved that combo.  Really such an honor to be part of such a beautiful session.  I know I’ve said it before…but Killian and Martina…my family truly thanks you for the sacrifices you both make to make this country safer.

Enjoy a few of our pics from that late afternoon!



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