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August 11, 2013

Can I be transparent for a moment?  Its been a crazy, busy, rough week.  Yup, looking for a home , closing on my home for the last 12 years, and starting school for my kiddos…. my BABY is starting kindergarten…so I’m a little mushy this week.  Honestly, something that has helped me feel at peace is editing this sweet newborn’s session.  She looks so restful…and she makes me smile.  I love what I do and sometimes finding pockets of time to just appreciate it is all thats necessary to get me back in the mental place I need to be.   I get that I run a full time business and its a job I love…but sometimes you forget to be grateful…because your moving so fast.  This session was one of those for me. Where I felt thankful to photograph such a brief and fleeting time for this family.   I watched Kaleigh and her mom look at each other and smile while holding Nova…and I had tears…seriously…tears.  Its kind of funny but it made me think of Kenzie.  So this is probably more than you usually hear with a post…but I thought I should let you know this one touched me.  🙂  Congrats Matt and Kaleigh your baby girl is absolutely breath taking and has all ready made a difference in someones life….well, besides family that is.  Ha.  🙂  



  1. charisa says:

    Just beautiful!~ Love love

  2. Kaleigh says:

    <3! It was such a joy working with such a talented and patient photographer! We had such a wonderful time at our session and i can't tell you how much these portraits mean to us! You're the absolute best, and we look forward to you capturing our little girl as she grows up <3

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