August and Gabriella | Colorado Springs Engagment Photographer

September 10, 2013

Beautiful…we simply live in a beautiful state.  Driving up Pikes Peak…ah, you just forget how amazing it is to be so close to the mountains.  The aspens, pine trees and random creeks a long the way…not to mention the beautiful reservoir that you will see behind Gabriella and August…it really takes your breath away.  And taking time out to just drive up there would be so worth it.  🙂  So aside from the amazing location, I was able to meet up with August and Gabriella and their beautiful puppy Mars.   What a stunning couple!  Loved that Gabriella was willing to sit in the grass with her beautiful dress…yes, beautiful and down to earth…LOVE that about her.  🙂  Anyway, this was a beautiful session!  Enjoy a few of our photos!



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