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October 28, 2013

First off, Ali is an amazing person.  You see my baby girl had a bad fever and an ear infection…and I had to reschedule last minute…her response…absolutely, your little girl comes first.  And she meant it.  Character to me is shown in odd moments like that…and for me a total stranger being shown that kind of understanding meant a lot to me.  You would think it was a response that was typical…but unfortunately not all the time.  Which is why it stood out to me.  Quality in a sweet moment.

So we finally had our session…it was the perfect time of day, the sun was setting and it could not have been more beautiful out.  Ali brought her sister and her nephew for a few photos and I loved watching their relationship.  Reminding me SO much of my sisters.  Add to that, Benjamin…so fun seeing him again as I did his newborn photos about 5 months ago.  This session will always stand out to me for all the reasons above…but especially because we saw a BEAR!!!  Yes, shocking and equally caught off guard.  A stare down between us and this bear in a tree above where we were shooting.  I’m talking directly above where I was standing and where I had Ali stand for a few images that we ended up not getting for said reasons.  ;p  A bear will quickly get people moving in a different direction.  😉

So yes, a fun, dangerous session for us…and one that I love.  Enjoy a few of our pics from that late afternoon!



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