Denny and Tiffany | Denver Engagement Photographer

October 8, 2013

Okay, I loved this session.  Def. broke me out of my sunny filled field sessions…which I love and always feel drawn towards.  But there is a part of me that loves urban.  Its a little bit like shooting with the anticipation of never knowing what you are going to find.   We walked around a good part of Denver that day and I was in love with where Tiffany and Denny live.  Right in the heart of the city…so much to see.  So many different eclectic spots that meant something to them.

  Tiffany made me smile right from the beginning…I told her to be serious for the first image we took and she could not stop laughing.  So then I was laughing…and Denny just looked at us like we were crazy.  Which I admit I am a little bit on the crazy side sometimes.  😉  But in all seriousness I like this couple.  I liked the way the interact.  Denny has a sarcastic dry humor side that seems to always make Tiffany smile.   They didn’t need any prompting on my part for them to just be themselves.  That tells me so much about them.  And makes for a super easy session for me to just be me.   Enjoy a few of our pics from Denver!



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