Erik, Kitrina, Logan and Stella | Denver Family Photographer

October 29, 2013

I kind of feel sunlight is the best thing a photographer can have in their  camera bag.  😉  Seriously, for me, I will always prefer a gorgeous back lit image on my clients.  I love the way it adds so much feeling and warmth…and this family…so beautiful to begin with.  I told them, hey, if your willing to come play with your babies we will have a session that shows their sweet happiness.   Lets just face it…toddlers and cameras make for some crazy think fast and capture the moment shots.  What seemed to work really well was singing the song Twinkle, twinkle little star…fortunately the parents didn’t make me sing a solo and pretty soon we were all belting out a beautiful rendition of that song.  Logan perhaps found the moment to sing his loudest.  Makes me laugh when I think about that.  On a very random side note…did you now that my dream dog is an English Bull Dog?   Yes, they are probably one of the most unique and adorable dogs to me.  With all their squishiness…so when this family walks out with Rocco on a leash…I WAS smitten.  Adorable and confirmed once again how much I need this dog.  🙂  Happy to show you a few of our photos from that late afternoon! Beylikdüzü escort



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