Kris | Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

November 25, 2013

My beautiful and oh so sweet friend Kris.  My soul friend.  Someone to laugh with.  Yes, she is oh so witty.  Someone to cry with…well, you probably won’t catch her crying but she is someone who will encourage you to be stronger.  Someone to read with…okay, we don’t really read together…but I read what she recommends…most of the time.  And vice versa.  Someone to count on…when life throws you those amazing curve balls she’s there to be part of it and help where she can.  She is a strong, intellectual, comforting, funny, woman.   I’m in love with her babies…and this new one in her belly…I can not wait to meet him.  She’s my family.  Or my person you could say.  🙂  Anyway, I didn’t just want to go on and on about how pretty she is…because its obvious when you look at these images…but the person she is inside…ah, that is the reason  I call her one of my dearest friends.



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