Aaron and Jacquie | Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

December 21, 2013

Gorgeous light.  Loved the way it would filter through the tall pine trees…that and the beautiful snow made for an amazing reflector.  This session…we spend a lot of time laughing.  There are times when you just naturally connect with people…and that is the way I felt with these two.  Both are in the restaurant industry and you could tell why.  They are easy to talk with.  Aaron is from the Carolina s (I can not remember if its north or south) but he had that accent of the south.  And Jacquie from the Midwest…so hospitality is a natural part of who they are.  I loved watching the way they interacted…being quick to enjoy awkward moments of me being really close…hey its all part of the job.  😉 But both were naturals in front of the camera.  Beautiful couple inside and out…enjoy a few of our photos from that gorgeous afternoon.



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