Derek and Shannon | Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

January 27, 2014

I meet a lot of people in my work.  Obviously.  😉  But there was something extra about this couple in the way they interacted.  They were comfortable, confident and yet still so obviously in love with each other.  A non mushy “no I love you” more way that they related to each other.  And I really felt it showed through in this session.  Lets be honest, its hard for most people to be comfortable in front of the camera.  At least it is for me.  I hate having my photos taken.  Ha I know.  So I understand what you are feeling when you have a session with me.  But this couple…I don’t know but it was that they were so confident in each other that it was a very relaxed session for me.  I just enjoyed their natural chemistry you could say.   I’m very much looking forward to capturing their beautiful wedding in August.  Enjoy a few of our pics from that morning!



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