Gerry, Natasha, Xander and Hadley | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

March 5, 2014

What a sweet family!  I’m been privileged to photograph them for the past few years!  What I love about them is how strong and close Natasha and Gerry are.  Gerry is in the military and I feel it takes a strong foundation as a couple to make that work…not only that…I know that these two are surrounded with friends and a unit that is family away from family.  Gerry was getting ready to go relieve  one of the guys on his team so he could be with his family as they had a baby.  Its what that man did for Gerry when they had Hadley.  It takes commitment and loyalty to do that.  Its not just hey I’ll pick up your shift…its hey, I’ll travel half way around the world and be there for an extra few weeks kind of deal.  It the kind of thing that makes me love this family even more.  I’m so honored that I get to be part of some of their family moments.  That I can photograph them and provide images for them during the long moments away…simply one of the reason I love doing what I do.  A photograph to be cherished in a different way.  Anyway, here are a few photos on this crazy cold and windy day!



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