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February 24, 2015

Caleb, Jill (Sarah’s sister) and I have been emailing back forth the past several weeks.  The days leading up to it…well, lets say the news said it was going to be an epic snowstorm for Colorado Springs.  Caleb was sick, Sarah as well…should we do this…should we wait?

Caleb and I scouted out Friday a place that was special to Sarah and him.   I looked at this place…it had to happen.  And it had to happen on Saturday.  Just felt it.  I’m so glad we went through with it.  So that Friday was spent emailing parents, family and the time was set.  While the family hid and I slowly followed Sarah and Caleb so I could photograph a few before moments.  Then I proceeded to run the other direction hoping to catch them as they walked up to this beautiful chair that Caleb had refinished for Sarah. So what do I do, I dove into a cactus to avoid being seen…seriously…I am such an awesome photographer.  ;p  In my defense, the snow covered the ground so I couldn’t see anything.

 The next few minutes…Sarah  was so focused on the chair…she was so overwhelmed and happy.  Caleb then asks her to sit… Ahhh, the emotion pouring out of both of them.  I had tears in my eyes watching Caleb pray and read 1 Corinthians 13 to her.  The snow was coming down all around them…after he asks her…ahhh, YES.  She said yes…crying and laughing.  Then her family comes running around the corner and laughs and cries with them.

What a beautiful and precious moment to photograph.  I am beyond honored and thrilled to be part of this couples beginning.  To watch their family love on this sweet couple.  To photograph how much Caleb loves Sarah and how much Sarah loves Caleb.  Ahh, these are the  moments that make me realize its such a privilege what I get to do.     Caleb and Sarah…congrats again to you two!  Can not wait to photograph your engagement session in a few months!  Enjoy a few of our pics from that snowy afternoon.



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