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March 24, 2015

I love waking up in morning, sipping my coffee, watching the news and browsing through my facebook feed.   But for some reason in the past few weeks I’ve observed several big name photographers be the victim of senseless comments and negative critiques on their professional business pages.   I wondered why at the time anyone would ever feel it was their right to publicly shame someone.  Whether a big name or a small name…is it the artist?   Are they creating a place that invites that kind of trouble?  But why is it seen as their fault?

What happened to that good old mamma’s saying, “if you can’t say something nice…don’t say anything at all?”  Does the internet really make you feel safe in just letting out what ever you are feeling…without regard to the person…because even though you are not face to face with them…they feel, they hurt, get angry, react…get sad.  Words…watch how you use them.

Every time I post something on my facebook page, instagram, blog…I am showing you a little piece of how I view the world.  I am an artist.  You may not visually see the world in the same way…and that is okay.  But I just want you to know, it takes courage to put your art out there to the world.  To share pieces of what lights you up…

I wonder, if the larger your following, the assumption is, oh they know how awesome they are…no need to tell them.  I don’t want them to get a huge ego…maybe I’ll just say, “hey, I’ve seen better images…take that…haha..lets watch that person crumble.”  I don’t know what goes on the process of being a cyber bully, a negative person…as I am not.  I see someone getting picked on and it makes me want to come out swinging…every time.

As a community of people…maybe, when we see this happening…say something.  Speak up…be the voice that stops being okay with people feeling the need to bring others down…as they feel they are safe in their jammies behind a computer…randomly leaving hate along the way.  If you have an issue with someones image…talk to them privately.  Email them…or hey, here’s a thought, just unfan them…no need to leave a parting exit with hate on their facebook wall for all to see.  Its just not classy…ever.

I want to clarify…as I’m sure, many of my peeps who follow me will feel they need to defend me…this did not happen to me.  So far, I have been extremely blessed by the encouragement, love and support by my fans.  My hope is that you will see that everyone has a voice.  How you choose to inflict that…it effects people.

 And because I was out shooting last night….I saw this cool trail…the journey.  Because we are all on a journey… maybe give someone a high five along the way.  They just might need it.  Happy Tuesday peeps!




  1. Jennie Crate says:

    Beautiful post!

  2. Sarah Hoffarth says:

    Perfectly said!

  3. Virginia Stiles says:

    Beautiful photo and beautiful reflections. Love this!

  4. Julie says:

    It takes courgage to share art and opinions! The negativity is a sad reflection of our world, glad there are so many kind supportive people like yourself still out there!

  5. Amy says:

    Thank you for being so brave to write these words! My space on the web is very small and often times it feels safer that way, safer to put myself and my heart out there. I wish all the negativity and shame wasn’t a part of our world.

  6. Taylor Fisher says:

    This is beautiful, Elizabeth!

  7. Keziah Kelsey says:

    Bullying is such a bizarre and sad thing! I was bullied like crazy in middle school (old school, real life type) and still feel the effects as an adult today. I think though, now I have perspective, I mostly just feel empathy for bullies; they are so sad and insecure that their only sense of power is through hurting others.

  8. Candice Benjamin Moore says:


  9. Misty says:

    Great post! It’s amazing and terrifying to me what people will say when they think there are no personal consequences or repercussions. I always see you lifting up others and I really admire that!

    • admin says:

      Ahhh, thank you! Yes, I am sometimes in shock when I see some of the nasty things that people are okay with expressing…its just really sad. And I hope I’m encouraging…I def. try to be. 🙂

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