Boho Bridal Session | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

August 11, 2015

Ohhhh, you know its crazy…this session started with me asking a question on Facebook, “hey, anyone have horses that I could photograph?” And the result…I found out just how amazing the horse community was in Colorado Springs.  So many people offered up their property, their beautiful horses, because a girl had a dream to photograph them.  I was honored and so excited!   I actually had photographed April a few years ago for her beautiful wedding with Mike.  And many had shared her as a name I should get in contact with.   I asked her to be my model and she offered to let me use a few of her inlaws horses.  Of course, we did have plans for a whole herd of horses….but Colorado weather decided to be crazy for a few weeks and…lets just say if you don’t know how to roll with crazy unpredictable weather…you probably won’t make it as a photographer here lol.

So from there, my super talented friend over at Sunflower Creative, helped with SO much of the table design, details and some of the boho (jewelery, boots, belts etc).  We spent a ton of time planning, dreaming and having FUN.  I think its easy in this industry to just keep working…photographing the beautiful weddings is SO amazing but sometimes a girl just has to get out there and shoot, style, create for her self.  And that is what we did!  From the amazing talent on the stones for calligraphy, to the feather detail on the cake and the gold and turquoise coloring…and not only that but I need to  mention the intricate braids  Beauty on Location by Liz worked on with April and the horse…yes, little braids on the horse.  Such beautiful work!

Ahhhh, this was a fun day.  Let me just say its hard work to do a styled shoot lol.  Add in gorgeous 1500 lb horses and the amazing dresses from The Bridal Collection…being careful was the up most importance.  Having April know how to handle horses (yes a real rodeo girl…my daughter absolutely ADORES her) was an amazing added bonus.  Not only that but her Mom came out and helped with them as well.

I guess, where I’m going with all this rambling…dream…just have fun putting things together because it lights you up.   Go out…ask some friends if they’d love to dream with you and see what you can come up with.  This was a bucket list shoot for me and I’m so proud of how it turned out!  Thank you to all my amazing friends, Cheryl, April, Liz, Jess….for helping create this!  <3 <3 <3



  1. Cheryl Wilhelmi says:

    You are absolutely fantastic! I love your heart, and the fact that it shows up in every one of your photos. What a beautiful, perfect day.

  2. Melissa Mullins says:

    This is amazing and stunning!

  3. Taylor Fisher says:

    Can I model for you with our horse?! Seriously, these are so beautiful!

  4. Julie Livermore says:

    Inspired! Love everything you do.

  5. Rayna McGinnis Mason says:

    Horses and cake? Really??? Amazing! 🙂

  6. Melissa Almodovar says:

    This whole session is so beautifu!! I’m in awe!

  7. Chelsy Ann Clark-Supinski says:

    These are seriously gorgeous.

  8. Kyla Fear Williams says:

    You rocked the hell out of this.

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