Sterling and Lina | Preview of a Racoon Creek Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer

September 20, 2015

Such a stunning and elegant wedding to photograph.  From horse carriage rides to beautiful contemporary barns this was simply a wedding to remember.  But my favorite moment of the day was when Sterling sees Lina for the first time….so much beautiful emotion.   Lina is simply cherished.  I can not wait to show you the rest but for now here is a little preview!



  1. Meredith says:

    Gotta love a bride with a horse! Lovely images.

  2. Kate Carlton says:

    Congratulations Sterling and Lina!!! I am so happy she had her horse with her and I can’t wait to see more from this wedding. The day looks like it was just stunning in every way. I love their first look, his reaction was priceless.

  3. Mary Schlener says:

    Barns and horses at a wedding gotta love it. I especially love the wedding party shot and first look series of images! so emotional

  4. Savannah Chandler says:

    The first look is gorgeous! I love his reaction. Beautiful work, as always.

  5. Sarah Hendee says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Your work is amazing

  6. Jennie Crate says:

    Their colors are amazing! Beautiful work!

  7. Taylor Fisher says:

    Freaking. Love. The. Horse! Your portraits always floor me, Elizabeth!

  8. Jennifer Rainey Mason says:

    Beautiful colors!

  9. Melissa Almodovar says:

    IN LOVE with that ring shot!!! Stunning photos!!

  10. Beautiful colors and that ring shot is killer!

  11. Chris Erin Loring says:

    The horse!!!! Ahhh! So beautiful. Great work as always 🙂

  12. Stephanie Sugaski says:

    These are amazing! That first look is adorable and his face is priceless.

  13. Keziah Kelsey says:

    OK, you are the best! The colors, the composition, the feel!! amazing work!

  14. Maren says:

    That first look is too much! Love it!

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